Pregnancy advice month by month: 9 months of pregnancy

That's it, you are 9 months pregnant! The adventure is coming to an end and you will soon meet your baby. The ninth month of pregnancy is between the thirty-seventh and forty-first week of amenorrhea (SA) and the thirty-fifth and thirty-ninth week of pregnancy (SG). The end of the 9th month of pregnancy marks the end of the third trimester and simply the end of your pregnancy! In this article, we introduce you to the Generous Soothing Organic Stretch Mark Oil, the Organic Stretch Mark 1st Care Cream and the Organic SOS Red Stretch Mark Repair Balm.

Summary :

  • Important events at 9 months of pregnancy
  • What body changes for the mother-to-be at 9 months of pregnancy?
  • The anti-stretch mark routine during the ninth month of pregnancy
  • The development of the baby at 9 months of pregnancy

Important events at 9 months of pregnancy

Fatigue, pain, apprehension, happiness, doubts, impatience, ... The ninth month of pregnancy is a month full of twists and turns for the future parents!

Which exams during the 9th month of pregnancy?

You are 9 months pregnant? It's time for your seventh mandatory prenatal exam, the last one before meeting your little angel! Your practitioner will check your baby's position to make sure he or she is head down and perform some calculations:

  • Width of your pelvis
  • Flexibility of your tissues
  • Volume of the baby

These measurements are done to make sure that a natural birth is possible. If there are any doubts, you may be asked to take x-rays.

Your practitioner will give you a final explanation of the delivery process (natural route, scheduled cesarean section, emergency cesarean section). You will also need to make an appointment with an anesthesiologist even if you do not wish to have an epidural. Indeed, this assessment allows doctors to intervene quickly in case of problems during the delivery and to perform a general anesthesia for example.

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What are the signs to know that labor has begun?

Although the signs of childbirth are different for all women, some signs do not deceive:

  • intense and close contractions (about 5 or 6 per hour)
  • the loss of the mucous plug (it protects the uterus from all possible infections during pregnancy and can fall off little by little or all at once. If this phenomenon is not accompanied by other symptoms, it is rather harmless).
  • water loss
  • pain in the lower back
  • Brown or pink discharge with contractions.

If you have any doubts, you can call your midwife or the hospital where you are to give birth. They will also be able to give you advice on how to relieve the pain until labor actually begins.

A birth suitcase ready

We talked about it in our 8th month of pregnancy follow-up, the birth suitcase (or maternity suitcase) is not easy to pack. To help you, we've prepared a little list!

For your baby :

  • some bodies (at least 2/day)
  • some pyjamas (1/day)
  • small vests
  • a hat and socks
  • a sleeping bag
  • bibs
  • a bath cape
  • a blanket, a comforter, a pacifier, ...
  • a set of toiletries, think of the Essential Baby Care Set from Téane Laboratories  
  • diapers.

For the mother-to-be :

For the other parent:

  • things to snack on/drink, the wait can be long!
  • something to document the birth to have memories
  • something to keep you busy.

If you already have children, remember to plan for their care on the day of the birth and for help in the days that follow!

Either way, stock your fridge and freezer with food. Find quick, balanced and nutritious meals!

What body changes for the mother-to-be at 9 months of pregnancy?

In concrete terms, the same symptoms remain as during the last two months, but more intense! Your belly is now rather heavy, you have water retention in your legs, your mood is very changeable (thanks to hormones!), you sleep badly at night because of your belly that pulls and takes up space, ... You have only one hurry: to give birth!

Moreover, it is considered that at 39 SG (41 SA) the baby is as big as a watermelon. It is easy to understand why it is so difficult to move around and why your back hurts!

A body that is preparing to give birth at 9 months of pregnancy

During this last month of pregnancy, your body continues to prepare for childbirth. Your cervix is working, your muscles are tightening, your bones are spreading to enlarge your pelvis to let your baby through. It's not all plain sailing for you. You are 9 months pregnant, remember to lie down and rest by doing as little as possible and adding as much quiet time and naps as possible!

All of this body preparation can lead to some minor bleeding. If they do not intensify or are not accompanied by severe pain, no problem. However, if you are in pain and losing a lot of blood, go directly to the maternity ward. Every little abnormal sign should be checked at the end of the pregnancy. Do not hesitate to call or come to the maternity ward if you are worried.

In any case, do not be afraid and trust yourself. You have successfully carried a baby to term and your body knows how to give birth. Listen to yourself, listen to it and everything will be fine!

The anti-stretch mark routine during the ninth month of pregnancy

It's the home stretch... your skin deserves your full attention. The most effective way to prevent stretch marks is through massage, with appropriate care that is proven effective from the beginning of pregnancy until several weeks after delivery. Stretch marks are not only due to a sudden stretching of the skin during pregnancy. In fact, hormonal upheavals degrade the quality of the skin. Weakened by this disorganization, the skin cracks. After giving birth, your body undergoes strong hormonal variations. This means that it is very important to continue applying a specific anti-stretch mark cream, even after pregnancy!

The anti-stretch mark routine is composed of the 1st Stretch Mark Cream and the Generous Soothing Oil. Find below the different steps:

  • 1: take a small amount of the Stretch Mark Treatment Cream
  • 2: add a few drops of Generous Soothing Oil in the palm of your hand
  • 3: mix the cream and the oil
  • 4: apply this mixture to all areas prone to stretch marks

Continue to apply the Stretch Mark Treatment Cream for several weeks after giving birth. This cream is compatible with pregnancy, so you can apply it to your skin, especially on your breasts.

Have stretch marks appeared?

More than 1 in 2 women have stretch marks during pregnancy. Is this your case? Don't panic. Even if these marks can be perceived as unsightly, they have no impact on your health or that of your baby. They are the result of stretched skin and a hormonal upheaval that has weakened your skin since the beginning of your pregnancy.

Our SOS Stretch Mark Balm repairs and reduces stretch marks that have recently appeared. You will appreciate its soft and light perfume of natural origin. This certified organic care is formulated with Centella Asiatica, known for its repairing and restructuring properties. In association with Cassia Alata, tests have shown an exceptional synergy on the repair of stretch marks. This discovery has been patented by Téane Laboratories. This treatment also contains other natural active ingredients such as shea butter, aloe vera and avocado oil.

To reduce stretch marks by up to 80%, use our SOS Stretch Mark Balm morning and night for a minimum of 2 months. To improve the results, massage the affected area for a long time. This treatment is compatible with breastfeeding.

To firm up your skin after giving birth, we recommend the application of the Fresh Firming Milk.

Baby's development at 9 months of pregnancy

Your baby is ready to come into the world. He can breathe and digest on his own. All his senses (hearing, smell, sight, touch and taste) are working properly. Now as big as a watermelon, he is rather tight in your belly and his movements are quite dry and sometimes rough! Be prepared to feel him move a little less. By lack of space but also by energy saving, he will become more discreet. Little by little, he will position himself head down, buttocks in the air and legs bent if it is not already done.

During this last month of pregnancy, your baby's body will gradually become covered with a smooth, whitish substance that will help him/her better descend and exit your belly during delivery.

During this last month, your baby will gain about 200g per week. On average, a newborn baby measures between 46 and 54 cm and weighs between 2.6 and 4 kg at birth.

That's it, the nine months of pregnancy are over. It's the end of one adventure and the beginning of another, enjoy it!

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